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Commercial and Industrial Storage

Storage space of up to 800 square feet

Commercial and Industrial Storage

With storage space of up to 800 square feet, Mini-Entrepôt Longueuil is the perfect place to store your commercial and industrial goods in the area surrounding Montreal's South Shore.

Our storage service is ideal for companies that want to warehouse furniture, commercial equipment, heavy or bulky equipment, surplus stock, dies, files, and archives.

Whatever your needs in terms of commercial and industrial storage, our nearly 1,000 storage units of various sizes offer you all the space you need. Heavy equipment, machinery, autos, and motorcycles are all welcome.

Pay Only for the Square Footage That You Need

The main advantage of doing business with our company for your commercial or industrial storage is that, as a result of our array of warehouse dimensions (20 to 800 square feet), you pay only for the space you actually need.

Our team is also available at all times to help you determine the ideal size for the amount of material you want to store. In this way, you will save precious dollars that you can invest in your business elsewhere.

Multiple Benefits for Your Business

By choosing our storage services, your company will enjoy many benefits. Among others, we can name:

  • Easy storage thanks to our multiple dollies. You can also use our forklift, available for rental, to help you transport your goods to your storage unit
  • Storage units accessible around the clock by means of an easy-to-use access card
  • High-end installations protected by a highly sophisticated video surveillance system
  • Heated and unheated facilities

To learn more about our storage services for businesses, please contact us.

Located in Longueuil, near Roland-Therrien Boulevard and Highway 132, our storage units are easily accessible from the urban areas surrounding the South Shore of Montreal.

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